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SoundPEATS Gamer No.1 True Wireless Earbuds with Gaming Mode & Dual Drivers

SoundPEATS Gamer No.1 True Wireless Earbuds with Gaming Mode & Dual Drivers

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MODEL Gamer No.1 
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth True Wireless
 Bluetooth profile: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
 Chipset: PAU1626
 Audio codecs: SBC, AAC
 Maximum communication distance: Maximum 10m
 Earphone playback time: about 5 hours
 Combined with charging case: Approximately 25 hours
 Earphone charging time: about 1.5 hours
 Charging case Charging time: Approximately 2 hours
 Earphone Size: 6.52 * 5.78 * 3.25CM
 Earphone / One side weight: Approximately 5g
 Charging case weight: Approximately 58.7g
 Waterproof level: IPX4
WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x SoundPEATS Gamer No.1 True Wireless Earbuds with Gaming Mode & Dual Drivers
1x USB-C Charging Cable
1x Charging Case
6x Eartips
1x User Manual


New model for smartphone games

 With the development of smartphone games in recent years, the number of people playing games on smartphones and the amount of time they spend will increase. To meet that need, we have developed a new model "Gamer NO.1" for smartphone games with low latency and high functionality. Let's take a crowded train to work and put it on to enter the world of your favorite music and games and heal your physical and mental fatigue during the day.

 Ultra low latency gaming mode

 With our unique low-latency technology, we have achieved a low latency of 0.06s in game mode, even though it is a wireless type. Since the voice is always synchronized without interruption, you can catch the footsteps and gunshots of the enemy and react quickly, and in FPS and Batrowage where the victory or defeat is divided in 0.1 seconds, you can get the key to victory.

 Sound with excellent three-dimensional effect

 Since it is equipped with a dual driver, it distributes the high, middle, and low three frequencies in a well-balanced manner, making it easier to hear the sound in detail. Therefore, since the sound flows three-dimensionally, it is easy to grasp the direction and distance of the opponent's position, and you can get a lot of immersive feeling in the game. It is a gaming earphone that makes it easy to check small footsteps and skill usage sounds in FPS, and is suitable for both stationary and smartphone games.

 Cool exterior design

 The charging case features a cool snakehead design, and a dazzling LED light on both the case and ears adds to the game atmosphere. You don't need to take your smartphone out of your bag or pocket, just tap the earphones to adjust the volume, play / pause music, and rewind / forward songs.

 5 hours continuous playback

Gamer NO.1, which can be driven for 5 hours by the earphone body, can be regenerated for up to 25 hours when used in combination with the charging case. Also, by adopting USB Type-C for the charge case, it can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours.

Noise-free call effect

 "Dual microphone" equipped with two types of microphones on one side can deliver clear voice to the other party as a function to suppress ambient noise in order to deliver one voice to the other party. I made it. The microphone is a stick type that is close to the mouth, and the call is realized with a clear voice. Immerse yourself in the game world while having fun voice chatting with your teammates.

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