Warranty Policy & Coverage | Casefactorie®


All products that are sold through Casefactorie are warranted and supported exclusively by their authorised manufacturers, distributors in accordance with the terms and conditions that are packaged with the products. Casefactorie's warranty does not apply to any product that does not bear Casefactorie's name or logo, even if packaged, sold or resold with affiliated products. You may contact Casefactorie directly for any customer service and techinical support if your products is purchased from us and is in it's warranty period, in accordance with the terms and condition.

On clearance products:

All products with clearance prices featured in Casefactorie Clearance Sales Collection might not come with any warranty. Casefactorie has discountinue warranty coverage and support for certain obsolete products. Please check with us to affirm your purchase is covered.

On other e-commerce shopping marketplace:

All products sold by Casefactorie on any e-commerce marketplace other than Casefactorie official website and walk-in physical store purchase shall abide to all terms and conditions laid out any marketplace respectively. Casefactorie is required to consent to them regardless how preferable Casefactorie's terms and conditions are. All purchases done any marketplace shall comply to all guidelines, rules and policies respectively, with no exceptions.