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SOTHING Mini Electric Mosquito Swatter

SOTHING Mini Electric Mosquito Swatter

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TYPE Mosquito Swatter
FUNCTION Rounded handle design
Bright LED mosquito hunting lamp 
Long-lasting battery
High voltage electric shock without chemicals
Three layers of protective safety nets 
Double safety switch
WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x SOTHING Mini Electric Mosquito Swatter


·        The weight of the mini mosquito killer is only 170g, which brings a lightweight experience.

·        Rounded handle design, comfortable and easy to hold and swing

·        The bright LED mosquito hunting lamp can easily kill mosquitoes at night.

·        Long-lasting battery, effective kill ≈ 2600 times, full charge can be used for 7-10 days.

·        Purely physical mosquito killer, high voltage electric shock without chemicals.

·        Three layers of protective safety nets kill mosquitoes and are safe for human body.

·        Double safety switch, easy to use and safe.

·        The cleaning brush comes with the package, which can more easily and safely remove mosquito residue in the net. 


Color: White

Material: ABS

Input Interface: Micro USB

Battery Capacity: 800mAh

Output Current Voltage (With): 2600V

Using Time: 7~10 Days Per Full Charge

Charging Time: 1.2 Hours

Net Weight: 170g


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