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Shargeek S035 Retro 35W USB-C GaN Charger

Shargeek S035 Retro 35W USB-C GaN Charger

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BRAND Shargeek
MODEL S035 Retro 35W
INPUT/OUTPUT Input Voltage 100-240 Volts (AC)
Output: 35W Max 
FUNCTION Retro Style
LED Light
GaN Chip
35W Output
Quick Charge
Multiple Protocols Support
Advance Technology
Wide compatibility
WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x Shargeek S035 Retro 35W USB-C GaN Charger


Shargeek retro 35W GaN Changer uses advanced GaN technology to ensure energy output while greatly compressing the size, 35W output power can easily charge your phone, iPad and laptop.

The SHRGEEK Retro 35W GaN Charger is actually more than just a cute retro design. It uses gallium nitride technology to deliver 35 watts of power, not only for fast phone charging, but even enough for a laptop.

 Color LED: Check the charging status through the small screen, which changes from white to yellow and blue to green depending on power consumption and charging speed of the connected device. The Happy smiley face on the screen can also be replaced with other icons or images, as a template is provided for users to print their own on clear sticker material.

 Note: The standard version does not come with the Charger Country Adapter; if the standard version plug is not available in your country, please purchase the travel kit, or purchase the adapter plug separately, otherwise you may not be able to use it.

Small & Portable

The retro 35W charger is only the size of a coin, and it has a foldable plug, which is very friendly for carrying around; you can easily put it in your pocket. And the small size doesn't affect its output power, the advanced GaN technology compresses its size while ensuring the maximum output power of 35W

At the same time, we also have a travel kit, you only need to increase the cost of $5 you can get three conversion plugs, after having a conversion plug, you can take it to travel anywhere in the world.


Ports: USB-C
Input Voltage 100-240 Volts (AC)
Output: 35W Max
Support Protocol: PD3.0/PPS/QC4+/Apple2.4/SCP/FCP/AFC/PE
Size: 1.37*1.70*1.24"
Weight: 55g

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