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SCOSCHE FlyTunes Wireless Audio Transmitter

SCOSCHE FlyTunes Wireless Audio Transmitter

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MODEL FlyTunes
TYPE Audio Transmitter
FUNCTION Dual-Pairing
Dual 3.5mm AUX prongs
Bluetooth 4.1 technology
Built-in rechargeable battery 
Up to 8 hours of continuous music play 
CONTENT 1x SCOSCHE FlyTunes Wireless Audio Transmitter


       Transmits a Bluetooth® wireless audio signal on airplanes with in-flight entertainment systems, with fitness machines at the gym, or with gaming devices, television or audio.

       Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours on a full charge.

       4 inch 3.5mm audio adapter for TV's and other hard to reach AUX output applications.

       Power FlyTunes on/off, play/pause audio streaming or pair it with 1 or 2 Bluetooth devices using the multi-function button (MFB).


Bluetooth 4.1 technology

Up to 8 hours of continuous music play or 180 hours of standby time

Dual 3.5mm AUX prongs


FlyTunes is essential if you fly regularly, travel with children, or use treadmills and other fitness machines at the gym or at home. This compact transmitter plugs into any 3.5mm AUX output and quickly pairs with Apple AirPods®, or any Bluetooth® headphones or earbuds, freeing you from annoying cables.

Gaming Devices

Add the freedom of Bluetooth to portable gaming when you plug FlyTunes into the AUX jack of your Nintendo® Switch® and pair with your favorite wireless headphones


With its two foldable prongs FlyTunes Bluetooth audio transmitter can plug into a single- or dual-output, so it works in any model of aircraft. Use it on your own, or share with a friend and listen together.

At the Gym

Use with exercise equipment or listen to the TVs at the gym by simply plugging FlyTunes into the AUX jack and pairing with your Bluetooth headphone.

Compact and adaptable, FlyTunes has two folding prongs to plug into single- or dual-outputs, so it works in any model of aircraft. It also comes with a short AUX cord to plug into difficult to reach AUX output locations.

Use FlyTunes with:


       Fitness machines



       Portable gaming systems

       Nintendo® Switch®

       iPod® Classic

       iPod Shuffle®

       CD players

       Cassette tape players

Rechargeable Battery

FlyTunes’ rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of use per charge. FlyTunes can be recharged mid-flight, along with your AirPods, in the Scosche Charge Case.


FlyTunes is the first travel size Wireless Audio Transmitter that can pair with one or two sets of AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones.

Upgrade to Bluetooth

Turn any analog device with an AUX audio Jack into a modern Bluetooth enabled device by simply plugging in your FlyTunes.

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