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ROOT CO. Gravity Shock Resist Case Pro for iPhone 13 Pro (2021)

ROOT CO. Gravity Shock Resist Case Pro for iPhone 13 Pro (2021)

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SERIES Gravity Shock Resist Pro
COMPATIBILITY iPhone 13 Pro (2021)
FUNCTION Shock-resist (MIL standard compliant)
Carabiner loop mounted on top 
Drop protection corner
Port and strap holes

NOT compatible with wireless/ MagSafe charging

WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x ROOT CO. Gravity Shock Resist Case Pro for iPhone 13 Pro (2021)



SHOCK-RESIST (MIL standard compliant)

Compliant with the impact resistance test of the US environmental resistance test "MIL-STD-810G 516.6 Procedure IV". Protect your smartphone from impacts such as dropping.

* Product drop test in 26 directions from a height of 122 cm.



A design that combines the three points of function, impact resistance, and design, and incorporates an outdoor taste.

Overturning the large, rugged, and tough appearance that once had the image of "outdoors", it has a slim and stylish finish while giving a feeling of power. Widely used in active scenes such as mountain climbing, camping, hiking, and BBQ.

Also, it goes well with town use coordination and is perfect for casual everyday use.



Adopted a popular port hole where you can see the Apple mark on the back.

The fashionable camera lens-like design is a dual specification of clear PC and TPU to protect from sand, dust and scratches when outdoors.

* Due to the structure of the product, the windows and ring parts of the port hole are removable, but there is no problem with normal use.

In addition, one spare "ring part" and one "window part" are included as product accessories.

For how to install each part, please refer to the instruction manual inside the package.



It is possible to attach the carabiner directly to the case. It can be attached to a backpack, shoulder bag, belt loop, etc. as it is, so it can be used for mountain climbing and outdoor fall prevention.

Introducing a new carabiner loop that has undergone a model change, it is now possible to install various carabiner gear accessories according to the application in a more balanced and fitted manner.



A two-layer structure consisting of "polycarbonate," a lightweight hard material with excellent scratch resistance and heat resistance that is also used in aircraft and electronic devices, and "TPU," which has abundant drop impact absorption.

Despite being slim, we have realized a tough iPhone case that is easy to hold. The groove designed on the side and the non-slip TPU bumper improve the grip.



It is possible to attach a strap to the strap hole.

(1 point each on both corners at the bottom of the case (2 locations in total))


Wireless Charging

incompatible. Remove the case and charge.


MagSafe Charging

incompatible. Please remove the case before use.


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