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Rhinoshield Braided Wrist Phone Lanyard (Lanyard Card Not Included)

Rhinoshield Braided Wrist Phone Lanyard (Lanyard Card Not Included)

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BRAND Rhinoshield
MODEL Braided
TYPE Phone Lanyard
FUNCTION Fits right in your pocket
Comfortable and lightweight wrist lanyard 
Clip to your belt or your bag
CONTENT 1x Rhinoshield Braided Wrist Phone Lanyard (Lanyard Card Not Included)


Personalization With Unlimited Possibilities

Every phone looks the same, so how can you demonstrate your unique style? In the RHINOSHIELD universe everything is customizable. The Braided Wrist Lanyard is available in a choice of 4 woven color textures - mix it with hundreds of phone cases, and over 3,000 customized designs. The only problem will be making your choice!

Effortless to Carry

Your hands are capable of many amazing things, so you should not weight them down. That's why we prioritize comfortable and lightweight wrist lanyard that won't burden your daily routine further. The phone lanyard also fits right in your pocket, so you can carry it with you all the time.

One Cord, Many Uses

Unfastened it from your wrist, you can also clip our lanyard to your belt or your bag. It transforms into a stylish keychain or strap and add that extra something to your outfit.

Adapts to Your Urban Lifestyle

True comfort is something you barely notice but will appreciate on those long days. When you travel to work with coffee in one hand and wallet in the other, or during a meeting holding a water bottle in one hand and a laptop in the other - where does your phone go? Leave your device to your wrist lanyard. It's always there, ready to lend a hand.

Quick Start Tips

How do you wear and adjust the RHINOSHIELD Braided or Hypoallergenic Wrist Lanyards? There's no need for complicated instructions. Our video shares some tips to bring every well-designed feature into full play.


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