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Rhinoshield Braided Band for Apple Watch Series 9/8/7/6/SE

Rhinoshield Braided Band for Apple Watch Series 9/8/7/6/SE

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BRAND Rhinoshield
MODEL Braided
TYPE Apple Watch Strap/ Band
COMPATIBILITY Apple Watch Ultra 49mm
Apple Watch SE (44mm)
Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm)
Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm)
Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm)
Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm)
Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm)
Apple Watch Series 3 42mm 
Apple Watch Series 2 42mm 
Apple Watch Series 1 42mm 
Apple Watch Series 8 41mm 
Apple Watch Series 7 41mm 
Apple Watch Series SE 40mm 
Apple Watch Series 6 40mm 
Apple Watch Series 5 40mm 
Apple Watch Series 4 40mm 
Apple Watch Series 3 38mm 
Apple Watch Series 2 38mm 
Apple Watch Series 1 38mm 
FUNCTION Adjustable strap 
Shield-shaped clasp
Secure fit
Stylish, strong and comfortable 
Passed through dermal irritation tests 
CONTENT 1x Rhinoshield Braided Band for Apple Watch Series 9/8/7/6/SE


Tailor-Made for Every Moment

The RHINOSHIELD Apple Watch Band is smart, strong and comfortable as a companion for your entire day. From sunny skies to moonlit nights, it is a natural part of your every move. Providing an unparalleled level of comfort, the adjustable strap feels like it's tailored for you.

Time to Express Your New Style

Reflect your unique personal taste by mixing strap and watch color combos. With 10 watch band colors, paired with protective cases and decorative rims, the possibilities are endless. Each detail is carefully crafted, from the shield-shaped clasp, to the class A metal lugs, ensuring that your style is sharp and sophisticated.

Workday or Workout, No Sweat

We've created a strap that's as versatile as you are, and ready for all challenges. Whether you're pushing your limits or taking a moment to breathe, our recycled nylon strap is the perfect companion, repelling water and sweat so you never miss a beat.

Incredibly Flexible

RHINOSHIELD's bands perfectly adapt to your wrist, providing a secure fit, while remaining easy to put on and take off. Our straps are compatible with Apple Watch models from 38mm to 49mm. They are stretchable, durable, and never let you get bent out of shape.

Skin-Friendly, Our Top Priority

Your Apple Watch is your health monitoring partner; watching your heart rate and sleep patterns 24/7. Our straps have passed through dermal irritation tests so they will never be a source of discomfort, allowing you to fully enjoy every moment in life.

Stay Healthy, Choose BPA/S/F Free

Apple Watch helps you to stay healthy, and so do RHINOSHIELD straps. Designed with your well-being in mind, you can be assured that our straps are phthalate-free, keeping toxic substances like BPA, BPS, and BPF away from your skin.

Technology and Sustainability, Hand in Hand

Braided fiber cords aren't only stylish, strong and comfortable - they are woven into our circular ecosystem. The RHINOSHIELD material science team chose braided design and materials for our Apple Watch bands to maximize the use of recycled nylon. Our sustainable choice, and yours, reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions in the production process.

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