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PITAKA 1500D MagEZ Case 4 for iPhone 15 (2023)

PITAKA 1500D MagEZ Case 4 for iPhone 15 (2023)

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SERIES 1500D MagEZ Case 4
COMPATIBILITY iPhone 15 (2023)
MATERIALS Aramid fiber
Aluminum alloy
FUNCTION Super slim (0.95mm~1.15mm) and lightweight (17g~21g)
3D grip textured
Doesn't discolor or age easily
Raised metal lip for camera protection
Comfy grip and feel
Chamfered cutting edges 
Meticulous polishing
Upgraded camera lip
Built-in NFC chips 
MagSafe compatible 
CONTENT 1x PITAKA 1500D MagEZ Case 4 for iPhone 15 (2023)



  • Super slim (0.95mm~1.15mm) and lightweight (17g~21g)
  • MagSafe compatible
  • 3D grip textured
  • Made from 100% Aramid Fiber
  • Raised metal lip for camera protection

0.95mm Thin

Using our MagSafe SlimBoard technology, we created a super thin MagSafe iPhone 15 case that offers an incredible feel as if holding a naked iPhone.

Weighs Only 17g

The scratch-resistant iPhone 15 case is crafted from premium aramid fiber, which is 5 times stronger than steel but is about 5 times lighter, so it can protect your iPhone without adding bulk, and it doesn't discolor or age easily.

MagSafe Compatible

Embedded with the most powerful permanent N52SH magnets, the case helps attach your iPhone 15 securely to a MagSafe-compatible charger, like MagEZ Slider 2 or MagEZ Car Mount Pro 2, to enjoy stable wireless charging.

Comfy Grip and Feel

Through the vacuum forming process and multiple times of polishing and painting, the aramid fiber fabric presents eye-catching interlaced patterns that improve grip and feel comfortable in the hand.


Upgraded Camera Lip

The asymmetrically-designed metal lip offers optimized protection for the camera lens.

NFC Chips

Built-in NFC chips mean you can tap to check the case's authenticity with your NFC-enabled iPhone and access games, wallpapers, and music from PITAKA.

Chamfered Edges

Chamfered cutting edges make our iPhone 15 case look slimmer and more comfortable to hold.

Meticulous Polishing

Every edge and corner is made smooth and comfortable to feel.

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