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Mutural Apple Watch Charger with 1100mAh Battery

Mutural Apple Watch Charger with 1100mAh Battery

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BRAND Mutural
TYPE Apple Watch Charger
FUNCTION Good heat dissipation performance 
Intelligent fast charging
Lanyard design
Strong magnetic adsorption 
10-fold protection and enhanced security
WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x Mutural Apple Watch Charger with 1100mAh Battery


Recharge all night without burning: It is made of ABS+PC material, which has good heat dissipation performance and is not easy to burn after long time charging

Intelligent fast charging, high efficiency charging

  • Heat protection
  • Strong magnetic adsorption
  • Foreign object protection
  • Smart chip
  • Wireless charging

Lanyard design, more convenient: small, it can be carried everywhere without occupying space

Charge in the car: You don't have to worry about the power of your watch in the car

Magnetic suction charging is more convenient: More angles can be adjusted

Smart compatibility: compatible iwatch: series 1/ 2 / 3 / 4

Stabilizer chip. iwatch safe: Newly-upgraded chip, for iwatch

10-fold protection and enhanced security: Multi-protection function, safe and fast charging, filter the danger for you

Rechargeable with power: Recharge at night and can be used during the day

Magnetic adsorption: Strong magnetic adsorption, wireless charging, farewell to the cable bondage

Small and portable: Delicate and small enough to fit into the pocket, just for your convenience

Portable power supply for iwatch: It can be charged without plugging in, and the mini palm mobile power supply can be charged wirelessly

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