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MOFT Magnetic Sticky Pads (2 Pieces)

MOFT Magnetic Sticky Pads (2 Pieces)

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TYPE Sticky Pads
FUNCTION Use your phone hands-free
Can be attached to any surface
Perfect for wall attachment
CONTENT 2x MOFT Magnetic Sticky Pads


  • Remember the times when your hands are tied up by other stuff, but you still want to use your phone? With our magnetic sticky pad, you can now use your phone hands-free when you feel like going anywhere!
  • Want to keep making up while still watching vlogger's tutorial? Here it is.
  • No need to grab it with bake powder while cooking with the clock!
  • Keep watching the agenda when changing your clothes? Done.

Notice: To prevent your phone from accidental drops due to vibrations from incoming calls, please remember to turn off the vibration on your phone, before attaching your phone to the magnetic sticky pad.

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