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MOFT O Snap Phone Stand & Grip with MagSafe Compatible

MOFT O Snap Phone Stand & Grip with MagSafe Compatible

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TYPE Phone Stand & Grip
FUNCTION Fully adjustable angles
Snap and remove effortlessly
Slim and versatile
Comfortable phone grip
Made of vegan leather
WARRANTY No warranty
CONTENT 1x MOFT O Snap Phone Stand & Grip with MagSafe Compatible


Getting ready for your small-screen close-up depends on the right angle. The amazing MOFT O provides upright support for your best shot. Flip open and rest your phone on the MOFT O base for a vertical 90° angle. It’s simply the best shot, ready for that surprise FaceTime call, Zoom meeting, or a TikTok live stream.

Fun Meets Function

Snap. Rotate. Flip.

With MOFT O, you'll see things from a whole new angle. Snap it on your phone, rotate it 360° and flip it out to unlock hidden viewing modes. Made of soft vegan leather and strong magnets, it’s also a comfortable and sophisticated phone grip that matches your style.


A Perfect Fit for Any Phone

Because not all devices are made the same, the magnetic-like soft silicone Snap Phone Sticker works with any phone on the market. It’s reusable and leaves your device residue-free. Snap the stand-off, keep the Snap Phone Sticker on the back of your phone, and your phone are ready to partner with the Magnetic Wall Sticker anytime for a hands-free experience.



  • Compatibility: iPhone 12 series; all phones with the Snap Sticker. (Note: the Snap Sticker adheres to the back of the device or a non-rubberized case.)
  • Diameter: 2.4 in/ 61 mm
  • Thickness: 0.21 in/ 5.5 mm
  • Material: Vegan leather, PC, Magnets, Metal sheets
  • Angles: 45° in portrait, 90° in landscape mode, 45° in landscape mode, 90° vertical mode
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