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MOFT Movas Leather Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet (Magnetic Compatible)

MOFT Movas Leather Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet (Magnetic Compatible)

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MODEL Movas Leather
TYPE Phone Stand & Wallet
FUNCTION MOVAS™ Vegan Leather 
Use it as a grip or phone stand
Holds 2 cards
Portrait/ Landscape/ Floating mode
Patented origami design 
2x stronger magnets
Remarkable color retention
CONTENT 1x MOFT Movas Leather Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet (Magnetic Compatible)


Sustainability and Durability

MOVAS™ Vegan Leather is the pinnacle of balance between sustainability and durability. It’s eco-friendly and non-toxic, due to zero pollution production process. Moreover, it's superior in stretch and abrasion resistance, showing no hints of cracking or peeling, even after enduring 10,000 bends.

2x Stronger Magnets

The slimmer MOVAS Leather allows for stronger magnets without adding bulk. It attaches to your phone securely with a powerful magnetic force of up to 15N, which is equivalent to approximately 6.6 lbs, or the weight of 6 iPhone 14 Pro Max devices.

Color Endurance

MOVAS Leather boasts remarkable color retention, ensuring resistance to fading, and preventing color transfer to your belongings. Its surface is also highly resistant to stains, effortlessly repelling common culprits such as pen marks, drink spills, and grease.

  • Grip: Use it as a grip.
  • Wallet: Holds 2 cards.
  • Stand: Watch videos anytime.

Original Origami Design

The patented origami design unfolds from a card-sized object to a stable support base, thoroughly tested for center of gravity stability.

Comfort in 3 Angles

Portrait Mode

Make video calls with ease from anywhere, ensuring convenience and comfort.

Landscape Mode

Relax and enjoy on-demand movies without lifting a finger, anytime.

Floating Mode

No more hand aches during web browsing, Instagram, and TikTok sessions.

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