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MOFT 3-IN-1 Carry Sleeve with Foldable Stand for 16" Laptop

MOFT 3-IN-1 Carry Sleeve with Foldable Stand for 16" Laptop

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SERIES 3-in-1 Carry Sleeve
FUNCTION Instant Conversion to Stand
Adjustable Angles
Holds up to 10kg
Expandable storage
Isolated Card Slot
Scratch-resistant and Water-resistant
WARRANTY No warranty
CONTENT 1x MOFT 3-IN-1 Carry Sleeve with Foldable Stand for 16" Laptop


MOFT Carry Sleeve is transcending the traditional laptop sleeve with an innovative 4-in-1 design. It provides the safety and protection of a sleeve, the ergonomy of a laptop stand, the portability essentials of a storage bag, and a look that lets you commute in style.

  • The small and compact carry sleeve with an invisible built-in stand provides enough room without being too bulky.
  • It is an instant conversion to the built-in stand which allows you to adjust position between 15° and 25°.
  • The card slot and the stretch neoprene rubber slot are created to act as expandable storage.
  • Constructed with customized PU and fiberglass, it’s scratch-resistant and water-resistant.
  • The innovative fold-in triangle structure makes it sturdy and stable enough to prop up your device, supporting up to 10kg. 

100% Ergonomic, 100% of Your Workday

Seamless experience from a sleeve bag to a laptop stand. Thanks to its exclusive smart-folding design, MOFT Carry Sleeve can fold into a stand in one second, bringing you ergonomic perfection anywhere.

Double the Angle, Double the Comfort

Work happens in all different environments, circumstances and positions. And that’s beautiful. That’s why we designed MOFT Carry Sleeve to have two angles -  15° and 25° - to satisfy our ever-adapting world.

Flexible Room Means Never Leaving an Essential Behind

Always worrying about where to stuff your power adaptors, cables, pens and notepads? Eliminate that worry forever. Because Carry Sleeve has the inner bag design, neoprene material and “expandable storage” innovation feature to fit everything you need and more.

Made With Vegan-Friendly PU Material

MOFT Carry Sleeve is made with customized PU material and fiberglass, making it slim, lightweight and durable while looking superb. You can carry your laptop in a sleek style, without the bulk.


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