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IDMIX Outdoor Camping Lights with 8000mAh Battery

IDMIX Outdoor Camping Lights with 8000mAh Battery

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TYPE Outdoor Camping Lights
FUNCTION Multifunction design
Flashlight/night light/emergency light 
Built-in 8000mAh battery 
With a hanging loop design
IPX5 waterproof
Foldable lamp shade
360° panoramic lighting
6 dimming modes
Emergency mobile power supply
CONTENT 1x IDMIX Outdoor Camping Lights with 8000mAh Battery


  • Multifunction design, it can be used as a flashlight or a tent light
  • Built-in 8000mAh battery for use for a long time
  • Great for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc
  • It's a useful tool while you're working, studying, or reading a book just before you go to sleep!
  • Perfect gift for the people you love
  • With a hanging loop design, camp light can be hung onto a tree, rope, backpack or tent, free of worry about dropping and freeing your hand


Outdoor camping light

  • Multi-scenario application
  • Flashlight/night light/emergency light
  • A variety of dimming waterproof | | life lasting life
  • Portable | hand hang | emergency charging
  • Not afraid of wind and rain
  • IPX5 life waterproof
  • One is enough
  • Lamp/atmosphere lamp/flashlight 3 in 1 multifunctional more intimate
  • Take it with you, gather a few friends, and enjoy the quiet comfort of nature


Suspension design

  • Camping is more convenient
  • It comes with hooks for outdoor hanging in tents/branches/backpacks, etc


Foldable lamp shade

  • 360° panoramic lighting
  • 4 leaf foldable LED lamp shade, 360° all-round uniform lighting
  • Easy to light up 5 meters range, enjoy the beautiful camping moment

6 dimming modes

  • Meet the requirements of different scenarios
  • Create different camp atmospheres easily
  • The light is clear and soft
  • Comfortable without glare
  • The use of healthy and safe light source, stable without video flash source use more comfortable eyes

8000mAh large capacity

  • Long endurance

Emergency mobile power supply

  • Charge your mobile device
  • It can be used as an outdoor emergency charging bank, and the mobile phone is constantly powered up at critical moments

Dual effect model

  • Switch at will
  • Lights/flashlights


Light switch

Click First Time: Low Light for Warm Light (Lampshade)

Click Second time: Highlight for Warm Light (Lampshade)

Click third time: Low Light for Cold White Light (Lampshade)

Click fourth: Highlight for Cold White Light (Lampshade)

Click fifth: Close

Long press for 2 seconds first time: Cold white light highlighting (Flashlight)

Long press for 2 seconds second time: Red light shining (lampshade)

Press and hold for two seconds for the third time to close


Farewell battery anxiety

Real-time control is more reassuring

Electric quantity indication

025% : The first light blinks

26%~50% : The first light is long on, while charging, the second light flashes

51%~75% : The first two lights keep on, and the third light flashes when charging

76%~99% : the first three lights keep on, while charging, the fourth light flashes

100% charge complete, full charge, all four lights on



  • Product model: HL08   
  • Product material: ABS+PC  
  • Power input: DC 5V/2A   
  • Rated power: 6W
  • Charging time: 6.5h   
  • Product weight: 420g
  • Battery capacity: 18650 battery, 8000mAh
  • Product size: 56*56*22mm    
  • Working time: low light: 12h, high light: 3.5h  
  • Gears: 2 gears each for flashlight and tent light function
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