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FOUNDER KG200 Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Bundle

FOUNDER KG200 Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Bundle

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TYPE Keyboard & Mouse Bundle
FUNCTION Up to 1600 DPI, 3 Levels Adjustable
Mouse Symmetry Design
Ergonomic Key Position 
Colorful Keyboard Lighting Effects
19 Keys Rollover 
System-wide Compatibility 
Plug and Play
WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x FOUNDER KG200 Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Bundle


·        Colorful Keyboard Lighting Effects: Colorful Luminous Keyboard, colorful breathing lights. Breathing frequency and light brightness can be adjusted to create and exclusive space for passionate fighting.

·        Ergonomic Key Position Feel Comfortable: The key position design is in line with ergonomics, and the concave-convex keycaps fit better on the fingertips. Together with the bottom tripod, it feels comfortable in the hand and will not be tiring after long-term use.

·        Mouse Symmetry Design: Can be used by both left and right hands fit the hand shape.

·        Foot Support Design: Two angles for comfort.

·        Ergonomic Curvature: Full support and comfortable grip

·        Up to 1600 DPI, 3 Levels Adjustable: Sensitive response, smooth operation, fast movement and accurate positioning. 1000/1200/1600 three-speed adjustment.

·        System-wide Compatibility Driver-free, Plug and Play: Compatible with common operating systems such as Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11.

·        Elegant Details Durable and Affordable: U-shaped ABS keycaps, comfortable feel, keyboard keys have a service life of 10 million times, ingenious quality, sturdy and durable.

·        19 Keys Rollover (Multi-key Firing, One Step Faster): When playing games, 19 keys can be pressed at the same time without jamming, covering most game key positions. Skills can be quickly triggered through key combinations.

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