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Caudabe Sheath Case for iPhone 15 Pro (2023)

Caudabe Sheath Case for iPhone 15 Pro (2023)

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BRAND Caudabe
COMPATIBILITY iPhone 15 Pro (2023)
MATERIALS High-grade neodymium magnets
ShockLiteTM, proprietary shock-absorbing polymer
FUNCTION Exceptional drop protection
Drop-tested to 2m / 6.6 ft
Micro-etched texture 
Provides excellent grip
Smooth, rounded edges 
Sleek, ultra-thin design 
Strong, consistent magnetic attachment
Supports Wireless Charging and MagSafe Accessories
CONTENT 1x Caudabe Sheath Case for iPhone 15 Pro  (2023)


The perfect fusion of sleek, ultra-thin design and exceptional drop protection for your iPhone 15 Pro. Crafted from ShockLiteTM, our proprietary shock-absorbing polymer, and drop-tested to 2m / 6.6 ft. With its clean lines and sleek aesthetic, Sheath is the perfect embodiment of Caudabe's minimalist design ethos. Fully MagSafe compatible.

The Sleek Standard

With its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic, Sheath embodies quintessential Caudabe design. Crafted from ShockLiteTM, our proprietary shock-absorbing polymer, Sheath combines sleek design with exceptional drop protection. It's no wonder Wired named Sheath the 'Best Overall' iPhone case.

Considered Craftsmanship

An all-new premium microfiber lining cradles your iPhone 15 Pro in softness, offering exceptional protection from abrasions. Our acclaimed, micro-etched, texture envelops Sheath's outer surface and strikes the perfect balance between great feel and excellent grip. Smooth, rounded edges extend ever-so-slightly above your iPhone 15 Pro's screen for added protection. A thicker reinforced wall around the USB-C charging port helps to reduce wear over time. Every last detail, thoughtfully considered and carefully crafted.

Magsafe, the Caudabe Way

Magnets are a defining element of our iPhone 15 Pro cases. To us, a magnet isn't just a magnet and MagSafe isn't just MagSafe. We start by sourcing high-grade neodymium magnets. In fact, the magnets we source are a higher grade than what Apple recommends in their guidelines for third party accessory manufacturers. We then incorporate the the magnets into a unique structure that maintains Sheath's slimness, but also enhances rigidity for greater overall protection. The end result: a strong, consistent magnetic attachment, and full compatibility with all your MagSafe accessories.

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