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Bitplay Leather Strap

Bitplay Leather Strap

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BRAND Bitplay
MODEL Leather
TYPE Strap
FUNCTION Nappa Leather
bitplay Quick-Release Clip
Strap Adapter Included
Intuitive design 
Classic and Versatile Colors
CONTENT 1x Bitplay Leather Strap


bitplay combines functionality with aesthetics, introducing a new Genuine Leather Series.

Please be aware that each piece of natural leather is truly unique. Slight curves, wrinkles, and variations in the texture are all normal characteristics.

Leather Strap

Blending genuine leather with different materials to create a unique style.

Nappa Leather

Nappa leather, known for its skin-friendly softness, is commonly used for high quality craftsmanship.

Classic and Versatile Colors

Available in Black and Caramel Brown, the genuine leather develops a unique aging texture making each strap a one-of-a-kind personalized accessory.

bitplay Quick-Release Clip

The clip on the strap is made from exquisite metal hardware, featuring an intuitive design that allows for easy use, preventing drops effectively.

Strap Adapter Included

Compatible with most phone cases, the Strap Adapter lets you secure your devices with bitplay’s straps and accessories.

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