Momax Q.Power UV Sanitising Box Review: Does the job well but how does it stack up against the rest?

Momax Q.Power UV Sanitising Box Review: Does the job well but how does it stack up against the rest?

In this pandemic period, we see the surge in the demand for UVC products. If you are not sure of what's an UVC, check out the short description of it by INSIDER.

One of them is definitely sanitising box. Google them, they flooded the market in the last two months. Most of them feature wireless charging too. It is neat, we welcome the additional function when you have more than one device with wireless charging.

Momax Q.Power UV sanitising box is one of such product to be featured in the market before the surge of demand. Does it set the benchmark for the rest to follow?

On paper, it comes with fast charging for most of the popular Android devices and iPhones. So it features sanitising, wireless charging and an aroma diffuser. Our team here supposed that most of us want our phones smell like fresh lavender or Febreze. Why not?

The contents are pretty simple and straight forward. An USB Type-C charging cable, a couple of instruction booklets, a cleaning cloth and two liquid droppers.

The box is decently sized. Just slightly larger than an average desktop wireless charging pad.

There are two UVC lamps on the left and right side of the sanitising box. Notice there are dots spread out uniformly across the deck of the box. They are there to elevate your phone ever so slightly so top and bottom of your phone get torched by the UV rays. 

The drainage cover looking holes are for you to drip your "fragrance essence" using the liquid dropper provided.

Our iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.7 inches screen) fits in nicely with Power Support case. Any thicker case will pose a problem. We do not think that anyone would only like to sanitise their devices but not their cases.

We would gladly welcome the idea to enlarge the sanitising box so we can fit in our cases too.

No room for error.

There is not much allowance after we fit in an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Let alone your AirPods case or Galaxy Buds case. Bacterial grows on cases too, right? 

The operational procedure is quite intuitive. Only a button is present on the top of the box. Press once for 18 minutes, press twice for 30 mins. Go for a 30 mins cleansing if you have the time to spare. Please note that opening the lid of the box will temporary halt the sanitising process. A beeping sound can be heard once it is done. If you are blasting your music, just look out for the light on the button. It should turn itself off once it has been done.

Wireless charging works without a fuss on our set. Place your device on the middle of the box and it should start charging. Same old saying for wireless charging: Find the sweet spot.

Our Verdict

Momax Q.Power UV Sanitising Box ticks most of the boxes. But it's smaller and slimmer profile is a deal breaker. Do not get us wrong, it is a fantastic product with excellent built quality that does the job very well.

But there are many decent UVC sanitising boxes out there in the market which do a better job. You can fit more than mobile phones in them. 

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