First look review on Mous Clarity Lite for iPhone SE (2020)

First look review on Mous Clarity Lite for iPhone SE (2020)

We got our hands on the highly anticipated Mous Clarity Lite case for the brand new iPhone SE from Apple. Mous is a company from UK which specialised in drop protection. If you have heard from them, probably you have already watched countless of their drop test videos their YouTube channel.

One major difference that sets the Mous Clarity Lite apart from the Clarity is the sides are no longer black in colour. They are clear, matching the the overall finishing especially the back of the case.

Clarity Lite is a minimal clear case with a transparent frame to compliment your iPhone SE

The clear back does not have the dots to prevent watermark. Do not be mistaken, they do not produce watermark despite the absence of dots and the signature natural tight fitting. The coating feels superb like their Clarity cases, providing excellent grip and scratch resistance.

The colour of your iPhone SE will shine through this clear back finishing of this case.

The side volume buttons will be covered and they should provide proper feedback when pressed. (Why get a protective case with the buttons exposed, right?)

The bottom cutouts for the speaker grills and charging port remains the signature Mous design. We have seen and recommended countless of our regulars with case like the Mous Clarity Lite over the years. You can never go wrong with a slightly bigger charging port cutout. We do not think there is any third-party charging cable which does not fit into the cutout.

Same protection, slimmer and no black sides. Kudos, Mous made their Clarity Lite slimmer this time. Rest assure that you still get the allowance between your iPhone SE's screen and the case. It still protrudes out, higher than your iPhone screen. You can lay your iPhone face down on your table without worries.

Our Verdict

Mous did a little magic here with their Clarity Lite, when you think that there is nothing much to be improve from their Clarity lineup. Gone are the black sides, thickness trimmed and with the same level of protection offered. If you are looking for a clear minimalist case with no ugly logo to protect your iPhone SE, look no further.

Shop now and grab it before it's gone.


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