First Look on UAG Metropolis Folio Case for iPad Pro 11" and 12.9” (2020)

First Look on UAG Metropolis Folio Case for iPad Pro 11" and 12.9” (2020)


Urban Armor Gear (UAG) has been famous for making protective cases. Their Metropolis cases for the brand new iPad Pro (2020) speak the same language. Available for both models, the iPad Pro 11” and iPad Pro 12.9”. We are taking a first look at 11 inches version today.

They come in three colours. Black, Cobalt (Blue) and Magma (Red), as usual if you are familiar with their Metropolis lineup for the previous generation iPad models.

The same design language, same sturdiness felt when you hold it in your hands. Grip is excellent from the textured finishing. Expect a little bit of bulk as this case is built to last and protect your iPad from knocks and falls. The cut-outs are precise. Same no nonsense quality control from UAG.

Notice the decent allowance from the cut-out for the charging port. You should not have any issue with third-party charging cable in the market. (Who uses original Apple Type-C cable anyway?)

Using an Apple Magic Keyboard case? Then this case is not a match in heaven for you. Unless you want to carry two cases when you head out. Who knows?

Do not fix what ain't broken. If you are a fan of the design, it is going to last you a few iPad generations. If you prefer a clean design, look away now. 

If you are using the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, rejoice. There is a slot for your Apple Pencil. It should snug in perfectly. The holder is designed to let you remove your Apple Pencil with ease when you need it.

The built-in magnetic flap holds your Apple Pencil when the case is closed. It doesn’t look as convincing as those cases with a slot type cut-out, but it allows easy removal.

The cut-out for the camera is perfect. We do not have an iPad Pro 11” (2018) with us, but we are quite certain it fits too. Why get it when there is a 2018 version from UAG? Unless you are looking at an iPad upgrade and save money on a second case. What are the chances anyway?

We think that the undisputable top feature of an iPad case is the integrated stand. Foldable stand or kickstand, we believe they are part of your checklist when it comes to choosing a right iPad case.

The portion of the case which covers your iPad screen is foldable. Just fold it to the back of your iPad in landscape position like the picture above. It is sturdy enough and did not wobble when we used the iPad. Drawing on our iPad with an Apple Pencil or stylus does not topple it during our test. Kudos to that.

We discovered a trick up our sleeve. If you think that the angle is not right for you when on a table top, turn it the other way around. We found out that it is more comfortable when one is using on a table with a lower height.

We had a Zeelot PureGlass tempered glass installed on our iPad. No lifting of the tempered glass on all four corners. If you already have a case-friendly tempered glass applied on your iPad, this case should not give you a headache. If not, you can check out the types of tempered glass that are available in our 11” collection and 12.9” collection.


Our Verdict

This is a case to have if you are looking at something that is built to last, survive on most drops. If you are always on the move, an outdoor junkie who needs your iPad on most occasion, look no further.

If you seek the “original Apple product experience”, then probably you have to start looking at other cases which are slimmer in profile, or maybe compatible with your Apple Magic Keyboard like the SwitchEasy Coverbuddy. But they are not going to provide you with the similar protection that you are able to find in an UAG Metropolis.

Get it for iPad Pro 11” (2020)

Get it for iPad Pro 12.9” (2020)


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