Update on the reopening of our retail store after Circuit Breaker.

Update on the reopening of our retail store after Circuit Breaker.

Dear all valued customers,

We all will exit this COVID-19 circuit breaker after 1st of June. Following the guidelines announced by our government, we are disheartened to know that most of the retail outlets fall into the Phase 2 category. We are unable to reopen our physical retail store on the 2nd of June. We are uncertain of the exact date of phase 2 as it has not been announced.

As such, it will take place over “months”, he stressed. “It may take three or six months, depends – it may take longer depending on how the situation evolves,” - Health Minister Gan Kim Yong 

There are many enquiries on the reopening. Rest assure that we will pass down the correct information and publicly announce it when we have confirmed that the information is accurate and correct. 

We emphasise everyone to stay safe at home and do not travel if necessary. Please feel free to contact us as usual if you have any enquiry on warranty related issue. We are giving our utmost effort to make sure everyone's enquiries are well taken care of.

It has been gratifying to us in the past weeks that many sent in your regards amidst the mountain of enquiries. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone. And those who have sang your praise to us. Thank You, you had spurred us on.

Let us be united and weather this storm together. Thank You everyone for your continuous support. We are looking forward to serve you even better. Make sure to follow us on our official Facebook page to stay updated.

#sgunited #supportlocal 


Signing Off


Founder of Casefactorie

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