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Xiaomi Mijia 1800W Water Ion Quick Drying Anti Damage Hair Dryer

Xiaomi Mijia 1800W Water Ion Quick Drying Anti Damage Hair Dryer

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BRAND Xiaomi
TYPE Hair Dryer
FUNCTION NTC smart temperature control
Magnetic nozzle with 360 degree rotation
Water Ionic Hair Treatment
Quick Drying, deep hydration, no damage
Overheat Protection
WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x Xiaomi Mijia 1800W Water Ion Quick Drying Anti Damage Hair Dryer
1x Wind Mouth
1x Adapter
1x Manual


Xiaomi Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer:

The Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer adopts a regular ‘T’ shape. Apart from the practical appearance, this hair dryer comes with at least three core selling points: large air volume, water ion hair care (NTC intelligent temperature control, hot and cold air circulation, magnetic style air nozzle), and 360° free rotation. It is not only to dry the hair but also to reduce the damage to the hair, and even bring the effect of hair care.

Water Ion Hair Care

The Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryercan help moisturise your hair and scalp. It adopts an independent water ion duct design, and supports NTC intelligent temperature control.

When the hairdryer is working, the moisture in the air will be passed through the refrigeration components. Condensed into a water film, the high-pressure generator is simultaneously turned on and the condensed water film is discharged and atomized into negatively charged nano-scale water molecules that are then transported to the hair scalp via a cold air stream. Also, the negatively charged nano-water ions can help the damaged hair. Silk closes the scales, moisturizes the hair and scalp, leaving the hair smooth and hydrated.

Simple Design

The Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer mainly contains two parts, the main body of hair dryer and a 360° magnetic anti-scalding tuyere. The volume of the hair dryer is not very large, and the white body continues the modern simple design style of Mijia products. It looks good, and might be very popular among young people. The hair dryer weighs about 547g, so you will not feel heavy and tired when using it for a long time even for female users.

360° Free Rotation

The 360° magnetic anti-scalding tuyere is also very easy to install and disassemble. And it can be easily rotated with 360 degree. When installing the tuyere, it will be tightly sucked, so you don’t need to worry abut its falling down.

The Indicator Light

When the hair dryer starts working, a small circle of white LED lights in the center of the outlet will light up, which is the indicator of water ions. The air temperature indicator light will turn on. When it’s hot air, the indicator light is orange. When it’s cold air, the indicator light is blue. When it’s hot and cold circulating air, the indicator light is alternately displayed in orange and blue.

Easy to Operate

The Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer is very easy to operate. It has three modes: hot air, hot and cold circulating air, and cold air. You can press the top round key to switch the modes. Despite this, it has two air volume levels, you can push up/down the toggle button to adjust proper air volume.

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