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Switcheasy MagStand Leather Phone Stand with MagSafe Charging Compatible

Switcheasy MagStand Leather Phone Stand with MagSafe Charging Compatible

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BRAND Switcheasy
MODEL MagStand
TYPE Phone Stand
FUNCTION Special magnetic design
Convenient and foldable
Made of classic leather
Safe and easy to use
WARRANTY No warranty
CONTENT 1x Switcheasy MagStand Leather Phone Stand with MagSafe Charging Compatible


MagStand is a super-slim and sturdy stand that sticks to the back of your iPhone so that it's always with you and ready to be used. It's unique, foldable design provides you with the perfect viewing angle for watching movies, playing games, and more — and ensures MagStand won't get in your way when you're not using it. MagStand sticks to the back of your device, or to your iPhone case, without leaving any glue residue behind. It can be reapplied over and over again, and it's fully compatible with MagSafe, so you can continue to use your MagSafe charger and other snap-on accessories. Its soft leather exterior makes MagStand attractive and comfortable to hold onto, and at just 2mm thick, you'll hardly even notice that it's there.

  • The brilliant MagStand add-on brings Apple's new magnetic accessory system to any iPhone. Simply stick it to the back of your device and it's ready to go
  • MagStand is compatible with all MagSafe accessories, including Apple's own MagSafe chargers, and its ultra-slim design means you'll hardly even notice it's there
  • MagStand is made from high-quality leather and can be reapplied to your iPhone over and over without leaving any residue
  • Convenient and a foldable stand
  • Rare earth magnetic material, attaching to MagSafe charger for convenient charging
  • Uses harmless, no-residue glue on surfaces, allowing for repeated use
  • Only 2mm ultra-thin, maintaining highest charging efficiency
  • Made of classic leather in exquisite workmanship, providing a comfortable feel
  • Special magnet with strong attraction, compatible with SwitchEasy car mount, and MagSafe accessories
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