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Switcheasy Crush Case for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro (2020)

Switcheasy Crush Case for iPhone 12 / 12 Pro (2020)

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BRAND Switcheasy
COMPATIBILITY iPhone 12 (2020)
iPhone 12 Pro (2020)
FUNCTION AirBarrier Drop Protection
Shockproof bumper cover
Wireless charging compatible
WARRANTY No warranty
CONTENT 1x Switcheasy Crush Case for iPhone 12/ 12 Pro (2020)


CRUSH is an embodiment of signature technologies to create an everyday, ultra-clear, bumper case that balances slimness and protection. Weight and volume are indicators of a case’s protection characteristics. The thicker and heavier a protective case, the more effective it is to protect a phone from a fall. AeroTech is a production process that optimizes the Protection-to-Mass (PTM) ratio to keep the case lightweight. Unnecessary bulk is removed and replaced with a lightweight structure to effectively disperse impacts. The result is a case made of composite materials that is soft on the sides, hard and clear on the back. AirBarrier features a 0.6mm air gap inside the case to protect the iPhone glass back and to increase its optical transmittance, letting the natural beauty of iPhone shining through. AirBarrier design also eliminates unsightly mesh of beads, or watermarks on the back of the case, common design defects of other clear cases. CRUSH is the moderate everyday case that have thought of everything.


  • Unique AirBarrier design, with air gap between the iPhone glass back and the case to further strengthen protection.
  • 85% optical transmittance, seeing through more of the original beauty of the iPhone.
  • Certified with German DEKRA-iST 5-feet drop test.
  • Made of hard TPU and soft PC composite materials, creating a great feel and protection.
  • Adopted special hardening treatment for greater scratch-resistance and durability.
  • Open pass-thru buttons for more accurate and intuitive touch feedback
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