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Soocas H5 Anion Quick Dry Hair Dryer 1800W

Soocas H5 Anion Quick Dry Hair Dryer 1800W

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BRAND Soocas
TYPE Hair Dryer
FUNCTION 6 large fan blades 
1800w high power, Quick-drying 
Alternating hot and cold circulation wind mode 
4 blowing modes
Exquisite metal aluminum barrel design
WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x Soocas H5 Anion Quick Dry Hair Dryer 1800W
1x User Manual


  • Dual-channel output negative ions with 30 million high-concentration 
  • 6 large fan blades equipped with 20,000 rpm motor brings salon-level air volume
  • 1800w high power, quick-drying without hurting hair
  • Alternating hot and cold circulation wind mode to avoid the accumulation of heat in the hair and tighten the hair scales
  • 4 blowing modes, one button to switch
  • Honeycomb mesh design to prevent hair from getting entanglement
  • Exquisite metal aluminum barrel design


Six Big Effect of Anion Hair Dryer

✔ Mild dry hair

✔ Soft luster

✔ Reduce split hair

✔ Improve electrostatic

✔ Nourishing hair

✔ Get rid of Manic hair

New intelligent wind temperature frequency conversion mode

Reduce heat buildup, Avoid overheating damage

Free hot and cold winds blow out alternately

5 sends hot wind, 3 sends cold wind

Close to the scalp but not hot, dry quickly but not sweat

Collect hair scales at the same time to create glossy hair

New Cellular Network Design, More Secure

Effectively improve hair inhalation situation

Full Aluminum Alloy Body Material, Dissipate Heat Quickly

Innovative Spiral Wind Network Design

Significantly reduce the air outlet resistance, make the air flow more concentrated

Blow dry in 5 minutes

The innovative six blades are equipped with a 20,000 RPM upgrade motor, Significantly increased air output.

Can be blow-dried quickly without high temperature, effectively prevent overheating damage.

1800W Power

1800W is softer than 2200W, stronger and faster dry than 1000W.

Four blow-out modes, one-button switch, easy to operate. Tap memory function to record your preferences

✔ Hot and cold wind circulation mode

✔ Hot air drying mode

✔ Constant temperature mode

✔ Natural wind mode

✔ Nourishing hair

Air nozzle added isolation layer, Effective in avoiding burns.

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