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Ringke Spider Grip Phone Mount for Bike

Ringke Spider Grip Phone Mount for Bike

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BRAND Ringke
MODEL Spider Grip
TYPE Phone Mount for Bike
FUNCTION Spider Web Design
Secure Hold
360º Rotation 
Handlebar Compatibility
WARRANTY No warranty
CONTENT 1x Ringke Spider Grip Phone Mount for Bike
3x Silicone Rings
2x Hex Key Wrench
1x Installation Guide


  • Spider Web Design - Silicone net provides mount stability and can be stretched up to 5x it's length.
  • Secure Hold - The mount tightly grips handlebars to prevent shaking on bumpy roads.
  • 360º Rotation - Customize the angle and direction of your phone freely.
  • Handlebar Compatibility - Includes different sizes silicone rings to fit most handlebars.
  • Includes - 1 Ringke Spider Grip Mount, 3 Silicone Rings, 2 Hex Key Wrench, Installation Guide.


Ringke Spider Grip Mount Holder for Bike Universal Smartphones Handler Clamp 360° Rotation Bicycle Cradle Accessories

On the Go!

Listen to music, check your location while on the road with GPS, and record your workout--do this all without hassle! You don't need to balance your phone in one hand and the handle in the other with the Ringke Spider Grip Mount. Enjoy hands-free convenience and security, and always have your phone in view. The sturdy silicone straps on all four corners are capable of holding devices that range from 4 to 6-inches with a weight limit of .3-kg.

Use on Handlebars

Ringke Spider Grip Mount is usable with most handlebar sizes on items such as bicycles, scooters, baby strollers, and more! Included in the package are three silicone rings that are designed to be interchangeable in order to perfectly wrap around handlebar sizes ranging from 19.8mm to 24.8mm in diameter.

Customize to Fit Needs

Everyone is different, and that's why Ringke has designed the Spider Grip Mount to be fully adjustable from the orientation of your phone to the angle in which the mount is placed. Find your perfect viewing angle for comfortable and reliable use while on the road.

Safe and Easy Installation

No need to buy your own tools! The Ringke Spider Mount Grip comes included with the Spider Mount Grip, 3 Handlebar Securing Rubber Pads (19.8mm~24.88mm), an M4 Hex Key Wrench, and a M2.5 Hex Key Wrench. Use the included key wrenches to tighten the control screws at the exact angle that is most comfortable to you. After that, secure your phone with the rubber straps over each corner for a reliable hold.

Use Wisely While the mount is in use, please keep your eyes on the road to avoid injury to yourself and others. Make sure to follow all traffic laws that are regulated by the government. Ringke cannot be held responsible for any damages or accidents incurred while this product is in use. Ringke believes in the practice of safe habits while operating a moving vehicle.

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