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Rhinoshield Grip O Magnetic Phone Grip with Expanding Kickstand

Rhinoshield Grip O Magnetic Phone Grip with Expanding Kickstand

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BRAND Rhinoshield
TYPE Phone Grip
FUNCTION 360° Rotary Design
Sleek, foldable, and magnetically detachable
2x the Magnetic Force, Rock-Solid Grip
Ergonomic arc design 
Crafted from recycled materials
CONTENT 1x Rhinoshield Grip O Magnetic Phone Grip with Expanding Kickstand


360° Rotary Design: It's Got You Covered

Discover the Ideal Angle

Gaming and binge-watching in landscape mode. Capturing reels and messaging in portrait mode. GRIP O’s 360° rotary design ensures your phone stays in sync with your fingers at every angle.

Stand Up, Stand Tall, and Stand Strong

Reveal its hidden stand to make your phone stay at a 90° angle, providing pro-level stability and viewing comfort.

Unwavering Durability

GRIP O's ergonomic arc design fits your hand perfectly. It's also the kind of friend that never quits, even after enduring 50,000 folds, just to keep you company for the long run.

Slim and Compact, Leaving Plenty of Room in Your Pocket

Your pocket's already packed with essentials – wallet, keys, phone, work ID, you name it. The last thing you want is to make it even more crowded.
GRIP O is sleek, foldable, and magnetically detachable. It's your unobtrusive sidekick, saving pocket space and becoming the best phone companion you'll actually carry everywhere.

2x the Magnetic Force, Rock-Solid Grip

What does superior magnetic force, surpassing MagSafe standards, really mean? It translates into ultimate stability – no more accidental slips or frustrating alignments when propping up your phone.
Our exclusive magnetic material tech seamlessly integrates with our protective cases, phone stands, and even magnetic bottles. It adapts to your needs, offering unwavering support and precision you can rely on.

Empower Your Daily Life

Whether you're following a recipe in the kitchen, attending a video conference at the office, or watching a movie on a plane, the GRIP O caters to your diverse needs, adding extra convenience to your life. Wherever you are, GRIP O can be your ultimate companion, providing support anytime, anywhere, making your life effortlessly liberating!

Grip the Future of Our Planet

GRIP O is crafted from recycled materials, making a significant impact in lessening our environmental load. It's the go-to choice for those who, like you, want to take action in support of sustainability.
We are committed to the principles of circular design. This ensures that old materials are maximally reused, effectively reducing our reliance on virgin plastics.

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