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Pitaka Aramid Fiber MagEZ Case Pro 2 for iPhone 12 (2020)

Pitaka Aramid Fiber MagEZ Case Pro 2 for iPhone 12 (2020)

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BRAND Pitaka
COMPATIBILITY iPhone 12 (2020)
MATERIALS Aramid fiber
FUNCTION Magnetic System Compatible
Premium Aramid Fiber
Lightweight & Thin
No Signal Interference
Wireless Charging compatible
WARRANTY 12 months
CONTENT 1x Pitaka Aramid Fiber MagEZ Case Pro 2 for iPhone 12 (2020)


With the MagEZ Case, simply attach your iPhone 12 to our range of magnetic wireless chargers for stable and uninterrupted wireless charging. Although slim and lightweight, the aramid fiber case offers your iPhone 12 stylish protection without adding bulk. MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 Series is available in a variety of colors, as well as signature black and grey twill.

  • The Magnetic Wireless Charging Solution: Embedded metal strips in the MagEZ Case offer a seamless wireless charging experience with PITAKA’s MagEZ Series chargers.
  • An Ultra-slim, Minimalist Design: Classic style and a smooth, sleek texture that feels comfortable in your hand. The slim, form-fitting phone case compatible with iPhone 12 Pro offers full compatibility with 2D and 2.5D screen protectors.
  • Crafted from premium Materials: Made from 100% premium aramid fiber, this durable, light, and scratch-resistant synthetic material offers robust protection for your phone. Additionally, elevated rings around the camera lens protects against scratches.
  • Textured Surface Improves Grip: Designed to improve the user’s hold, 3D Grip technology is a special process that leaves a textured pattern on the surface of the aramid fiber phone case compatible with iPhone 12.
  • Cut Precisely to Fit Your Device: The MagEZ Case is specifically cut to ensure easy access to buttons and switches.
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