Having an issue with your purchased product? | Casefactorie®

Get help from where you are.
If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, and the item is in unused condition with original packaging still intact, you can return your item(s) within 7 days of the shipping date or purchase date (for in-store purchase) for a refund or store credit (excluding original shipping costs). If the returned item cannot be restocked due to looking used, tampered or not functioning as normal. Then your request for a refund or store credit will not be processed and the original item will be returned to you.
Otherwise if you have an issue with our product, write us an email with each applicable item below:


  • Your device model
  • The product you are having issues with, along with colour and side, if applicable.
  • A short description of your issue
  • At least 2 clear pictures of your issue, or video so that we can better understand it.
  • Your order number or email address, if you purchased from our website.
  • A picture / screen shot of your proof of purchase or order confirmation email.
    Those that include the above items from the start can have their issue solved up to a day faster!
    Get help by sending an email to Casefactorie support team.